Four Word Challenge

The challenge for today is to write a creative piece with these four words:



Green chair


It is always interesting to see what comes out of my imagination (sometimes, it’s scary). I hope that some of you will take the challenge. It will be lots of fun to see others take on this! Happy writing!


She walked on the worn path, looking back to see if they had followed her. She could hear the hounds yelping, and she could see the flashlights, penetrating the woods. She wouldn’t run. If she ran, they would hear her for sure.

“Ow.” She said as she lifts her barefoot off the pinecone.

Her feet were raw from all the debris on the forest floor. How much longer would she have to continue like this? She had been in this man hunt for eight hours.

“I think I see her sir.” One of the deputy’s shined the light right across Liz’s silhouette.

“Sir, she’s right there in the tall loblollies. Just beyond that clearing.”

Every law enforcement personal was now directed toward her. She started running. No longer did she feel the pinecones, no longer did she have to worry about being quiet. She ran past the oaks and the sweet-gums. She ran past the possum, scavenging for his food. She ran past the tree stand camouflaged in the pines. She kept running, when the bullet penetrated her upper thigh. It was until, the second bullet hit her right arm that she stopped running. Max Lillis’s face was the last thing that she saw, before everything went black.


“You’re telling me that Liz didn’t have anything to do with Billy Ray’s murder. Somebody better start explaining.” Max Lillis said.

Max was sitting in his tattered, green chair, running his fingers through his hair. His knuckles were turning white, as he gripped the chair.

“Cathy Denton overheard that couple, from Briar Rose, talking about how they’d made the score of their lives. Cathy listened to them talk about thirty minutes. They were laughing about how they had watched Billy Ray and Liz get that cash from the bank. The cash that Liz had inherited from her grandmother.” The deputy that went by the name of Smith was reaching in his coat pocket to pull out something.

“Cathy called me, as soon as the couple left the Diner.”

“That still doesn’t make a solid case against them. It’s Cathy’s word against theirs.”

“Not, if we have a recording of their conversation.” Smith said.

“I’m guessing we got one.”

“Sure do, Courtesy of Cathy Denton’s iPhone. We made a backup copy on a junk drive, just in case.”

“Who else knows about the junk drive?” Max scooted up to the edge of the chair and threaded his hands together over his legs.

“Just me and Baily Lawson.”

“Keep it that way until trial.”

“You got it, boss” Smith said as he got up.

The lanky deputy turned back to look at Max.

“Sorry about Liz. “

“Me too, Smith, me too.” Max sat in his office looking at the same form, for at least an hour, before he decided to call it a day. He wasn’t going to accomplish anything this way.


The picture on the wall was an ugly reminder of the pain that wouldn’t go away. Max couldn’t never bring himself to take it down. Especially now, after what had happened.

The picture had been taken the day they married. She was smiling with her hand in his. He was smiling too. The ceremony on the beach, at dusk, had been everything they dreamed it would be.

What had happened to them?

He had worked long hours for the county. It was eight o’clock most nights, before he came home. After they lost the baby, they just couldn’t find the words to say to each other anymore. He had cut her off and she had grown tired of trying.

Liz Lillis had once been his best friend. Now he, was the reason she was dead. He grabbed the picture off the wall and flung it across the room, shattering glass everywhere.


Smith walked over and placed the rose boutonniere on the casket. The whole department was in attendance for the service. As he walked past the tombstones in the graveyard, there was one that caught his eye.

“Gone too soon from this life.”

Smith thought to himself, yes he was. Yes, he was.


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