Ice Cream Silverstein Potter

There is a place that I like to go.

It’s a peculiar place that nobody knows.

I peep around the corner,

and travel through my mind.

It’s not a difficult place to find.

There are monkeys, tigers, zebras, and bears.

If I stay for a while,

it can  give me a scare.

There are cars, books, trains, and trees.

Why sometimes, there’s even peas.

I venture to this place,

when I’m feeling blue,

and even when, I’m happy too.

I escape there so often, it could be my vocation.

It’s fabulous fun in my imagination.


In honor of Kid’s Poetry Month and my favorite children’s author, Shel Silverstein, I am doing a poem challenge today. I would love it if you joined in. Feel free to place it in the comment section.


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