I’ve Been Watching You

Flash Fiction for Inspiring Writers has a flash fiction picture prompt every week.  Below is the picture for this week(I’ve caught the tail end of it-I’m such a newbie 🙂 ).  I thought it would be fun to participate and to share it with any of you that are interested.  As always I love comments, so feel free to leave me one.  I will comment back. If you want to participate their site is here.

flash fiction April
Dawn M Miller

The white van has already made four trips to Mr.Palmers house. Each time girls, no older than thirteen, are dropped off and shuffled inside the house.

This isn’t the first time the van has appeared. Ever since Mr. Palmer moved in, there’s been a lot of traffic.

I inch closer trying to get a better look, and hit the wind chimes.

Mr. Palmer looks in my direction. He makes a phone call. Someone hits me from behind.


I hear moaning. I realize that I’m the one moaning. I touch my head. It’s bleeding. Where am I? Has my mother figured out I’m missing yet? Has she called the police?

The door opens and Mr. Palmer strolls in.

“I’ve been watching you for a while. You’ll make me lots of money.”

He closes the door and I start to cry.

*141 words


14 thoughts on “I’ve Been Watching You

  1. Well done for joining in. Very freaky story! I started to worry as soon as I read about the white van. Was it her mother that hit her from behind? I hope she can escape from the awful Mr Palmer.

  2. Excellent! This gut punched me because so many young girls are forced into sexual slavery. Your post helps bring that to the forefront. It is a disgusting modern problem. Welcome to FFfAW! We’re happy you are here and hope you enjoy the challenge and keep coming back!

    1. Thank you.. I’ve worked with an organization in our state that helps rescue men and women from sex and labor slavery- the oldest they’ve rescued was in her sixties. The youngest was three.
      I’m glad to join in with y’all!!!

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