Today’s a Good Day

*I have decided that I am going to title Sundays on my blog, “Simple Sundays”.  Yes, I want to reach my goal of a post every day, but I realize that it is a big undertaking.  I am still trying to figure out how those that post two or three postings a day do it.

I am convinced they have little elves that work all night and day to help them accomplish the goal or that is all that they have to do.  I am not one of those people at this point in my life.

The plan is on Sunday to keep it simple.

Below is a simple little poem that I wrote titled, “Today’s a Good Day”.


“Today’s a Good Day “

Today’s a good day to bask in the sun.

I might swim in the lake or

take off and run.

Today’s a good day to wear a hat.

I might sit on the roof

or pet my friend’s cat.

Today’s a good day to read a book

I might go to the zoo.

or sit by a brook.

Today’s a good day to do whatever I choose.

I might just sit down

and take off my shoes.


7 thoughts on “Today’s a Good Day

  1. Good little poem with some appealing images. I agree that Sunday should be a day to relax and enjoy some of the things you can’t get round to doing all week. Swimmming in the lake holds great appeal for me! 🙂

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