Never Trust a Writer


*It’s time for Monday’s Finish the Story. If you would like to participate in Monday’s finish the story click on the picture above.

Thanks to Barbara W. Beacham for hosting it.

The prompt beginning sentence is-” They followed the buffaloes and their babies along the trail heading into the woods.”  The picture prompt is below.  Here is my story.

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

They followed the buffaloes and their babies along the trail heading into the woods. The writer wrote in the next scene.

“Whoa. I’m not following buffaloes and their babies. I know what happens in stories to people who follow buffalos.” Henry, the writer’s character, said.

“Is that so? What happens?”

“They get attacked by Indians.”

“It’s my story.”

“I lost everything I had in Chapter One. I had a gunshot wound in Chapter Four, and now I’m following buffaloes in Chapter Eight. Let me write the next scene.” Henry said.

“Absolutely not.” The writer said.

“What’s the matter? Scared you’ll get attacked by Indians?”

“Why don’t you just follow the buffaloes like the rest of the characters?”

“Why don’t you just write a scene without buffaloes?” Henry said.

“Very Well.”

They couldn’t follow the buffaloes because their beloved cowboy, Henry, was stricken with Cholera.

“Note to self, never trust a writer.”



26 thoughts on “Never Trust a Writer

  1. I love it! The interplay of the writer with a character in the story that is being written is brilliant! Thank you SP for participating in the MFtS challenge and I hope to see you back next week! Be well… ^..^

  2. Love the interaction between the writer and character — very funny dialogue! I hope my characters behave better when I’m writing a story. 🙂

    1. Thank you PJ. I watched an episode of the Twilight Zone where the characters had a mind of their own, but eventually the author won. It was very interesting. I guess I subconsciously had it on my brain. :).

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