The Pursuit of Something Remarkable

John Green 4
“The Abundance of Katherines” by John Green Design layout by Silverstein Potter


I’ve been thinking about this quote.  Does any of us set out to do nothing in the world? I mean, don’t we all want to do remarkable things? Who determines what is remarkable? Couldn’t mothering three sons be remarkable?

I am absolutely famous to my three boys.

They know me and can recognize me anywhere. Sometimes, when I am around them, they are speechless(although it may not be because they are star struck).


Silverstein Potter

These are my boys,  Junior, Speed Racer, and Poncho. Don’t they look ready to conquer the world?  They aspire to do remarkable things.

Silverstein Potter

 Junior wants to be a paleontologist.  I believe in him.  He has carried that desire  since he was two years old.  Well, maybe he didn’t know the correct terminology, but he wanted to study and dig up dinosaur bones.  At two, I thought it was a phase.  Now at fourteen,  I don’t think it’s a phase anymore.

Silverstein Potter

Speed Racer here, the middle boy, wants to be a NASCAR driver and he also wants to own a racing team.  He wants to become a mechanical engineer too. I believe in him.

Silverstein Potter

Now Poncho, the baby, has aspired to be everything from a race car driver to a zookeeper and lots of professions in between. He’s got plenty of time to decide.

I believe they can do it.

More importantly, they believe they can do it.

I’ve met lot of adults who didn’t believe in themselves.


I think about my grandparents ( Aren’t they wonderful).  They had simple dreams.  Their dreams were to be able to take care of their family and leave them something when they left this world.  They accomplished both of those things.

I think they were remarkable people.

I think they did remarkable things.

Building houses is remarkable. Decorating and cooking cakes is remarkable.

They weren’t on T.V. I didn’t care.

Help quote
Quote from “The Help” Design Layout by Silverstein Potter

The definition of remarkable is worthy of attention.

I am certain that everyone who reads this is worthy of attention.

Maybe you haven’t been on T.V., wrote a bestselling novel, or been number one on the pop charts.

One thing is for certain, you are remarkable because you are worthy of attention. Don’t give up. Go and do remarkable things by your definition, not the worlds.

I’m going to keep trying to do remarkable things and I hope you will too because you are remarkable. Don’t give up!

Quote from Rocky Balboa in Rocky Design Layout by Silverstein Potter

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Sunday Morning

© 2015 Silverstein Potter

Sunday morning comes then goes,

out the door and down the road.

Monday comes, then Tuesday too.

Wednesday comes, and I’m halfway through.

Thursday is quite a mess.

Friday, I need a rest.

Saturday! Yay Saturday!

Please don’t go. Please, please stay.

Then Before I know it, the day is quickly done.

Saturday is gone, and Sunday has begun.

*I don’t even pretend to know anything about poetry. I love children’s rhymes. So this is my humble attempt. Have a great Sunday. I would love to hear from you…..

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What would you do?

My grandparents

In my  sketch,” Late Night Intruder”, Bertha Mae Floddlebuster was asked if she was going to plant roses and crochet, now that she was retired.  Her answer was an adamant, no.

Above is a picture of my grandparents.  They chose to spend much of their retirement with us grandkids. It is something we all treasure. We realize that not everyone gets that opportunity.

I thought it would be fun to ask y’all how do you want to spend retirement?

Maybe you are retired. How do you spend your days? I can’t wait to hear your responses.

P.S. My husband wanted to be a millionaire and retire by thirty…….let’s just say that didn’t happen 🙂

Late Night Intruder


*This is what I wrote thinking about Sister Bertha Mae Floddlebuster from day 9 character’s study. I would love to hear what you think.

Sister Bertha Mae Floddlebuster heard something bumping on her oak wood floors downstairs. She wondered, why her Techno 100 alarm system wasn’t triggered.

She swiped the pistol off the nightstand. Slipping on her robe she tiptoed through her bedroom entrance way. It was times like these that she wished she was thirty instead of seventy-two.

Lots of noise was coming from the kitchen. Bertha could hear the pots and pans clanging. She didn’t tiptoe any longer; whoever or whatever it was couldn’t hear her over all that noise.

She descended the stairs and bypassed the dining room. When she arrived at the kitchen, she saw the man. He was packing a pistol.

Bertha cleared her throat as she approached him.

The plump man turned around with a skillet in his right hand and a boiler in his left.

“What are you doing Junior Renfroe?”

“Well since you told me to make myself at home, Aunt Bertha. I decided I would come over and cook some supper.”

“At midnight?”

“You know my apartment doesn’t have a kitchen. I didn’t get off until eleven-thirty and I am so tired of fast food. Besides I know you’re up at all times of the night.”

“I used to be. I’m retired from that life.”

“You’re telling me that you’re going to plant roses and crochet all day long.”

“For Heaven’s sake, no.”

“That’s what I thought.  By the way, Sheriff Grady’s been inquiring about you.” Junior went, and sat beside Bertha at the breakfast nook.

“I hope you told him lots of mundane things about me.” Bertha said as she got up and walked to the cabinet with the coffee cups. She then walked over and grabbed the instant coffee.

“One things for sure, he’s persistent. He knows you transferred the money to an account in Tahiti.”

“I knew I should have transferred the money in Raleigh. Who else knows?”  The microwave beeped. She grabbed the coffee cups with the warm water  and put a teaspoon of coffee in each one then turned to look at Junior.

“Another deputy besides me. Oh and there’s one other thing. He’s got a FBI agent, a buddy of his, checking out your friend. He caught Henry sneaking around your house when you weren’t here.”

“Is that right. I wonder what Henry Calliente is up to. I may have to do a little background check myself.” Bertha got up from the kitchen table. She walked to the refrigerator and started grabbing eggs, bacon, English muffins, and milk.

“I thought you were retired.”

“What do you think about me coming out of retirement, Junior? Why don’t you stay while I cook breakfast? We’ve got some planning to do.”

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